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Welcome to our growing online gallery.  If you see something you like, please do arrange a call or visit for a private viewing.


Highlights 2022

Natural Elements Exhibition

Inspired by natural forms, this art collection celebrates the energy, colour and substance of nature: the bones, dreams, stones and streams which make us – and some wonderful animals, too.

Our 2022 Summer Exhibition featured work by Marie Akers, Richard Atkinson-Willes, Dawn Benson, Steve Bicknell, Judy Boyt, Matt Duke, Nicola Godden, Henry Gray, Geraldine Knight (1932-2008), Monette Larsen, Mike Long, Ian Marlow, Seamus Moran, Linda Powell, Nicola Ravenscroft, Dafila Scott, Jane Shaw, Amanda and Björn Sjöling, and Jilly Sutton.

Our Artists

Click on each artist to find out more about them and their work.

Position One

Marie Ackers

French artist Marie Ackers has gone beyond realism and tradition to capture a contemporary interpretation of animals.

Marie deconstructs the movements, stripped down to pure lines and simplified shapes, to identify the dynamic and the rhythms inextricably associated with but yet completely independent of reality.

Her inspiration comes from the French animalier, the simplicity and purity of Brancusi’s work, the shapes and presence of Henry Moore sculptures, the sharp and clean lines of Calder metal sculptures as well as Pompom, Lynn Chadwick and architecture old and modern.


Mike Long

Mike Long trained at Goldsmiths in London in the 1970’s where he was able to develop his passion for sculpting the human form, particularly dancers and athletic nudes.

After a long career in teaching Art at King Edward VI in Southampton, Mike has moved to France where he is establishing himself as a figurative sculptor. Most recently he has been working on a war memorial sculpture to mark the centenary of the ending of WW1.

Mike’s work is in numerous private collections and has been exhibited in galleries in London and several in America.

I try to capture the strength, beauty and sensuality of a dancer or athlete and a great deal of research goes into each piece.

Position Two

Richard Atkinson-Willes

It could be said that the gallery itself is Richard’s work of art – from the beautiful choice of renovation materials, to the gardens from an old cow yard, to the handmade gallery front doors.  Richard’s appreciation of work led by materials and process was forged during his time training at Central St Martins, where his interest in the versatility of pure materials continued to grow.

The ingenuity and simplicity of ancient bronze casting methods captivated him, as did the enduring beauty of bronze sculptures.

Richard is director of the Talos Art Foundry and has created the Talos Gallery to showcase the work of the foundry and its artists.

Séamus Moran

Since Séamus can remember he has painted, sculpted and assembled, gradually moving towards sculpture as his weapon of choice.  Working in 3D produces objects; objects which can be viewed from different angles, seen in different lights and cast different shadows. They are tactile as well as visual, and have a real physical presence.

"I often hear people expressing how they enter into the world of a painting as a way of describing their experience of it. I see sculpture as the opposite of that experience ; the sculpture enters our world.

Most of my work is about capturing a non-representational presence or rethinking conventional objects in an unconventional way."

Position Three

Jane Shaw

Jane is passionate about capturing the overall emotion and movement of animals and wildlife in her bronze sculptures.  She uses fluid, spontaneous and strong gestural strokes in any material she uses and takes inspiration from the unconventional, believing ‘ugly is beautiful’.

Whether wildlife, domestic or equestrian animals she creates a statement of emotion through any subject. Often working directly from life, she produces bronzes for both inside the home as well as garden pieces on a larger scale.

Jane has won several sculpture awards, and continues with her own projects alongside commissions.  She exhibits in London and nationally, and welcomes visits to her studio, and the permanent display of work in her garden.

Judy Boyt

"My life has revolved around animals and the arts. I have great pleasure in combining the two by creating drawings and sculptures in many media.

My challenge, always, is to create a sculpture at which you stop, stand and stare, and challenges you to see meaning or a narrative. The essence (state of mind) and depiction (design) should give you that feeling of life: just about to move off, or snort in the air, or to relax and be calm, or just to be there and invite you to touch."

Judy works from the ‘inside out’- the dynamics of the skeletal structure, adding the flesh and muscle, to the final skin layer – creating a sculpture that has presence and a soul, capturing the living essence in the final metal cast.

Available to Buy

At our Talos Art Foundry we have cast the work of over seventy established sculptors and works on national and international sculpture projects. Much of this fabulous sculpture goes straight from the foundry to its final home in private and national collections. The inspiration behind Talos Gallery is to offer everyone a brief opportunity to enjoy these sculptures, which are destined for private collections, or venues overseas, and also provides buyers the opportunity to invest in their own editions.” — Richard, Owner & Founder of  Talos Gallery & Foundry


Our Summer Exhibition offers a unique chance ‘get up close’ to bronze sculpture straight from the foundry but we do have art work here all year round for private viewing and we are able to take commissions for work from previous exhibitions. 

If you are interested in any of the pieces from our 2022 or 2023 exhibitions please contact us

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 14.07.01.png

Summer Exhibition 2024

1 June — 28 July 2024

Our Summer Exhibition here at Talos is a popular annual event, renowned for the quality and diversity of the artwork on display. Showcasing bronze sculptures, paintings and wall installations from internationally acclaimed artists in the unpretentious rustic beauty of our gallery buildings and the intimate seclusion of its breath-taking gardens.

Whether you are looking for a guided tour, joining for a special event or private viewing our Summer Exhibition offers all visitors the opportunity to get up close to art.

Book a Group Tour (gallery & gardens plus a presentation / demonstration to bronze casting) or sign up for our Special Events to meet the artists and understand their inspiration and process to create.

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