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Introducing painter Chris Green

The challenge of marrying sculpture and paintings

During our summer exhibition last year I was ruminating on how to grow the space, the experience and the types of work we could show. Our internal installation space, I am very pleased to say, has almost doubled in size. More on this to come.

This means more wall space and the conundrum of selecting paintings to accompany an exhibition of bronze sculpture. Not an easy task and not just because painting is by its nature more ephemeral, but because painters of the last 100 years have explored beyond the tradition of highly crafted painting established in the Italian Renaissance into new, more dynamic and experimental territory.

There are exceptions, of course: Surrealism and the British Idiosyncratic artists revived many of the traditions of fine painting to bring reality to their extraordinary juxtapositions of strange objects in otherwise mundane settings – and vice versa. The latter group is still championed by London’s Portal Gallery and includes artists like Beryl Cook, Kit Williams and Betty Swanwick, who have become household names.

Introducing painter Chris Green

Less known in this group is painter Chris Green, whose astonishing portfolio of work remains largely undiscovered despite its remarkable quality.

Chris’ work is undeniably comparable to the greatest of the so called ‘Portal painters’, and we are delighted to be featuring a major collection of his best pieces in the Talos Gallery Summer Exhibition.


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