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Artist: Sculpture

Beatrice Hoffman

“Creating my sculptures, I experience the ebb and flow of external sensations and internal moods and feelings more intensely; the seclusion of the studio and the seemingly repetitive working process of refining surfaces enables a mixture of compulsion and reflection. Stroking, pressing squeezing , scraping shaving , hacking, slapping the form into shape, the completed sculpture contains , condenses and transforms the feelings that went into its creation , and holds them in one cohesive object.”

More about Beatrice Hoffman

Beatrice Hoffman is deeply involved with the process of making. She wants to achieve simplicity and abstraction, to add intensity and clarity to her creations. She is fascinated by ”strong three dimensional form” searching for contrast between various elements of the sculptural language: convex versus concave; sharp angles and edges between surfaces, juxtaposed with smooth planes.

Beatrice Hoffman grew up in Munich/Germany, and arrived in this country nearly 40 years ago.It is then that she gathered the necessary courage to fulfil her long-harboured dream to become an artist. Three relatives in her family determined her to go ahead with her vocation.

Her grandparents (maternal side) were anthropologists, and had brought back to their home many African carvings, much of those nurturing her artistic inclination. The African sculptures she saw and touched, the craft of carving, and the rituals, meanings and myths entwined with these objects.

Her great aunt (paternal side) Lucie Rie OBE was a famous potter in the UK during the 1950is – 80-is , an emigrant (though involuntary) like herself, whose fulfilled life and passion for her own art inspired, encouraged and set an example.

She hopes to enable engagement and contemplation: for the viewer to find reflected in her sculptures a feeling, experience or preoccupation, and through this silent communion find empathy, solace, and understanding and derive some healing, internal balance and peace of mind. This is what makes her sculptures so perfectly suited for being lived and interacted with on a daily basis, in the house or in the garden.

instagram @beatricehoffmansculpture
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