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Our Summer Exhibition '24 will be open 25 May to 21 July 2024

Talos Summer Exhibition 2024

Our Summer Exhibition here at Talos is a popular annual event, renowned for the quality and diversity of the artwork on display. Showcasing bronze sculptures, paintings and wall installations from internationally acclaimed artists in the unpretentious rustic beauty of our gallery buildings and the intimate seclusion of its breath-taking gardens.

Back for 2024 our carefully curated collections are here to challenge and inspire in equal measure. 



This year we showcase the bold new collection of sculptures by gallery owner Richard Atkinson-Willes. Taking concepts without entity and creating forms is the theme for his metaverse and Orion series.


Fellow formalist and intelligent sculptor Philip Rae-Scott will be exhibiting his gravity defying work ahead of moving to a major London gallery. 

We are also thrilled to announce a major installation by sculptor Adam Roud, who started his career working at the famous Morris Singer Foundry — his abstract collection will be filling the gallery and gardens with what promise to be monumental pieces.


Acclaimed painter Cindy Powell, whose work champions global conservation issues, will be sharing some well known works as well as new pieces inspired by her beloved home country of Africa.

Whether you are looking for a guided tour, joining for a special event or private viewing our Summer Exhibition offers all visitors the opportunity to get up close to art.

getting up close to art 

Welcome to Talos Summer Exhibition 2024: be inspired, be moved, be challenged

We are looking forward to throwing open our doors once again and inviting you in to view artwork from a wide range of acclaimed painters and sculptors. Carefully curated and installed in our indoor galleries and country gardens we will be showcasing many new artists and new work from old favourites. Multi disciplined, contemporary, sometimes challenging but always inspiring artwork for our visitors to enjoy. 


All work is available to buy. If you are interested in buying or commissioning any of the works you see contact Richard at Talos Art Gallery.

Over the coming months we will be revealing the artists exhibiting this Summer. Sign up to our newsletter 'Tales of Talos' to receive the latest news. Here are just a few of the artists who will have artwork on show.




Concerned with longevity, Philip Rae-Scott chooses quality materials to create complex abstract sculptures with tactile surfaces. Philip predominately works in metal, attracted by its associated strength, versatility, and the possibility of creating illusive, apparently gravity defying sculptures otherwise unachievable in other materials.


He takes inspiration from the making process itself, manmade structures, machinery and the natural world.

Philip Rae Scott.jpeg


Questioning the validity of the mainstream sculptors of the 1970s, Richard rose to the challenge of progressing his work from the popular genre of crafted sculpture to the more intellectual realms of the concept object, where a sculptural idea is realised without the constraints of a formal process or recognised tradition.

His brand new work 'Orion Series' will be debuted at Talos Summer Exhibition 2024

ORION SERIES No 5 (2).jpg
Special Evnts
Planning Your Visit

Planning your visit

Our passion is to make art accessible to as many people as possible and to experience it in a way that suits you.

If that's a guided tour, meeting the artist, seeing the foundry of being left to enjoy at your own pace. 

Enjoy the gallery and gardens at your leisure, we are here for questions or to respect your space.


""In her paintings, Sonia Steidle invents her very own plant cosmos: flowers and fruit pistils, seeds and foliage mutate into abstract forms. The essence of the plant itself emerges - symbolising the metaphysical longing for the infinite."

Wiese 1, 2016, öl auf lwd.,80 x100cm.jpg
Special Evnts

all works are available to commission or sale

Cindy Powell - Protecting our wildlife from becoming still life - 5 _ 600 x 750mm.webp


Travellers on Great Western Railways will be familiar with the major installations at Bristol Temple Meads and Paddington stations by painter Cindy Powell, whose work champions global conservation issues.

The originals of both of these powerful sets of paintings will be at Talos for the summer along with a selection of Cindy’s latest work championing conservation in her beloved home country of Africa.




Since 2000 with a studio and workshop on Lord Portsmouth’s estate Adam has developed his work with large and small commissions, figure studies, portraits and the main body of abstract pieces. It is these monumental abstract pieces we are thrilled to be unveiling at Talos for our Summer Exhibition 2024.  

Adam Roud.png
Andrzej Szymczyk - Octopus 2 - Bronze (3).jpg
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