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Artist: Sculpture & Painting

Jane Rickards

Her life-long interest in all things ancient continues to inform her work, both consciously and unconsciously, and she is now allowing a more personal approach to emerge through the exploration of painting as another means by which to express her ideas.

More about Jane Rickards

Jane was born near Wallingford, Oxfordshire, in 1955 and now lives within the Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire.    At the age of 12 she saw pictures  of ancient and classical sculpture and knew she wanted to belong within that world.

In 1975 she attended Gloucester College of Art and Design where she attained her B.A. Hons in Sculpture. Then followed a period of working in the area of stone, fresco and wood conservation. This phase culminated in 1985 with the award of a scholarship from ‘Venice in Peril’ to attend ‘Il Centro Artigiani’ in Venice.

She then returned to her own work, exhibiting locally and internationally, and in 1990 went on to take up a two year Post Graduate position at the City and Guilds of London Art School, where she received First Prize for her work from Elizabeth Frink.

After an extended period of travel she was able to freely consider her position as a sculptor. Thus began work on a life-size stone carved piece called White Eagle and then another, Warrior.

She was invited to become an Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors at this time, and it was during the making of these two pieces that she found the key to the quality of energy, and its source, that continue to drive her work to this day.

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