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Artist: Sculpture

Philip Rae-Scott

Philip believes that humans instinctively view objects in relation to their own scale. He often produces sculptures taller than human height as "It is part of our primal survival instincts to treat an object larger than ourselves with respect and even trepidation.”

More about Philip Rae-Scott

Concerned with longevity, Philip Rae-Scott chooses quality materials to create complex abstract sculptures with tactile surfaces. Philip predominately works in metal, attracted by its associated strength, versatility, and the possibility of creating illusive, apparently gravity defying sculptures otherwise unachievable in other materials. He takes inspiration from the making process itself, manmade structures, machinery and the natural world.


Philip’s striking monumental sculptures, often incorporating hard-edged and uncompromising geometry somehow chime with their naturalistic surroundings rather than jarring. When creating smaller indoor sculptures, unconstrained by the effects of the elements he takes advantage of a wider variety of materials.


Hands-on making, engineering and mechanisms always fascinated Philip, but his leaning towards sculpture stemmed from a sharp realisation that he saw it was possible to achieve closer to “perfection” with sculpture. "Functional or mechanical projects are never finished, as components become obsolete, or wear out." Furthermore, the unsatisfactory compromise between aesthetics and function was non-applicable with sculpture.

Working from a 2000 square foot studio in Dorset, designed and built by himself, he now has the capacity to produce monumental sculpture, within a vast landscape which inspires and enriches his practice.

Philip’s work exists in many private collections in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia and he has exhibited extensively in London and The South of England.

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