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Cindy Powell - Protecting our wildlife from becoming still life - 5 _ 600 x 750mm.webp

Artist: Paintings

Cindy Powell

"I find inspiration in the beauty of sunsets, the sounds of honking geese flying overhead, the lonesome sound of a Fish Eagle, the sight of birds circling and gliding on the air currents and encounters with wild creatures in their natural environments."

More about Cindy Powell

Cindy is an oil painter, who also utilises multimedia, charcoal, and graphite. 


Cindy seeks to explore the fragility of nature by depicting the relationship between animals and the hubris of humanity through anecdotal paintings.


She uses symbolic still life paintings to examine the vulnerability and mortality of endangered wildlife and plant species and strives to encourage a symbiotic relationship and harmonious relationship between humans and all other creatures by creating fun, colourful figurative and surrealistic type paintings.


Originally from South Africa, she currently resides in Wiltshire, UK and is an MA student at Falmouth University.

And you may well have seen Cindy's work on your travels.

In April 2023 Network Rail revealed a new artwork at Paddington station to highlight the company’s commitment to protecting wildlife and biodiverse habitats alongside the railway. The artwork is a print of five oil paintings done by Cindy Powell, depicts a Great Western Railway Class 800 IET alongside images of British wildlife in a surrealist style reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The piece celebrates the diversity of habitats and creatures found along rail corridors and Network Rail’s work to protect them.

Cindy Powell - Protecting our wildlife from becoming still life - 5 _ 600 x 750mm.webp
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