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Artist: Sculpture 

Ian Marlow

With inspiration drawn from nature, Ian creates artworks that sit comfortably within any setting from formal gardens to minimalist urban landscapes.

Other works previously exhibited include...

More about Ian Marlow

Being born and raised in a small rural hamlet in Somerset gave Ian the affinity with the natural world that continues to be the focus of his work as an artist and sculptor.  Having returned to Somerset as an adult, Ian began his sculpting career in stone before moving into metal and glass, but his work, whether sculpture, poetry or drawing, has always found inspiration in the natural environment he grew up in.

Ian Marlow is best known for his bold and dynamic sculptures in stainless steel and glass. The shimmering steel adapts to the changing light, creating a fluidity of form that sees his sculptures interact with their surroundings, making them equally at home in traditional gardens or as bold statements within contemporary architectural settings; Ian Marlow sculptures are deserving of their national celebration.

instagram @ian.marlow.sculptor
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