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Artist: Sculpture

Paul Harvey

New to Talos, we are honoured to introduce sculptor Paul Harvey and thank his family for letting us posthumously exhibit his work.

Paul held a keen interest in birds from an early age. Having kept numerous species as pets in aviaries he started to carve them in wood. However due to their delicate features he soon craved a more simplified design and combining his other great interest in Art Deco his style is what makes his work stand out today — enjoy the freedom of his pieces on show cast in white marble and mixed metals.

More about Paul Harvey

Paul has sold work all over the world, as well as to the Royal family, and has exhibited at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show on many occasions. His studio is set in the middle of the Hampshire countryside on the edge of a half-acre pond which, over the last fourteen years of his life, he and his wife turned into a small nature reserve (see image below). This encouraged many of the birds he sculpted to show themselves in their true and natural light. The site was formally the old watercress beds for the Earl of Carnarvon’s Highclere estate — of Downton Abbey fame — a 3-acre glade surrounded by agriculture. 


Very sadly Paul passed away on the 14 June 2023 after a rapid decline in his fight against a cancerous brain tumour, so our display of his work at the Talos Gallery is a poignant tribute to a great artist whose pleasant company and instantly recognisable style we have enjoyed and admired for over twenty years. 

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