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Scott McDonald - 'Feet in the Soil' - Bronze - 60x10x16.jpg

Artist: Sculpture

Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald’s work continues the tradition of abstract, modernist sculpture, which strives to explore sculptural composition in its purest form, not bound by limits, and with no reference point in reality. The titles of the work are an anchor for the objects he makes, which would otherwise seem adrift in the abstract ether.

More about Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald’s body of work conjures a sense of dislocation and a reverence for what has passed. Industrial materials meet natural reference points where traditional aesthetics are used to comprehend this edge.

His work has a sense of dislocation and a reverence for what has passed and uses traditional aesthetics to juxtapose industrial materials with natural reference points. In ‘Factory by the Sea’ (image below) Scott explores the fine line between what is natural and contrived to form a visualisation of the unknown. In ‘Feet in the Soil’ he uses surface colour to separate the superficial from the solid, giving the sculpture the same conflicting double persona.  

It's strong work continuing the sculptural experiment pioneered by the post war British sculptors of the twentieth century and we’re thrilled to have these two pieces in the Talos Summer Exhibition, where they’re a perfect complement to the abstract work of Adam Roud and Philip Rae Scott.  

Image right by Robin Clewley

instagram @scott_mcdonald_sculpture
Scott McDonald - 'Factory by the Sea' - Bronze - 50x15x15.jpg
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