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Artist: Sculpture 

Pam Foley

"The three-dimensional beauty of line, shape and form excite my senses.

I refine and simplify sculptural forms through the tactile senses until they express the idea or emotion I am trying to represent. My creative process is a constant journey of discovery for myself and for the viewer of my artwork."

More about Pam Foley

Pam Foley (pictured here with her sculpture 'Papoose') is an artist who lives and works as a sculptor in and around Oxford. She makes abstract figurative art sculptures, paintings and prints.

A sculptor, teacher, workshop facilitator and art organiser, Pam has 30 years of experience in sculpture and ceramics. She has been active in arts communities throughout her adult life.


Pam makes limited edition abstract figurative sculptures, a contemporary synthesis of traditional representations of the human form. Sculpting primarily in clay or plaster and then casting in bronze metal, iron or marble resin, she aims to evoke certain emotions and experiences, commonly solitude and sorrow. 

We are delighted that Pam is exhibiting with us this year and will join us for Meet the Artist event (dates to be confirmed). Here you can see the newly installed Papoose basking in the sunshine at Talos.​

instagram @pam_foley_artist
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