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A celebration of Ceramic at Talos

As part of our Summer Exhibition 2024 we bring you Talos Ceramic Celebration, focusing on three outstanding makers, each bringing their own unique interpretation to the medium.

Elaine Peto

Elaine Peto uses grogged stoneware clay slabs to create wonderfully characterful animal studies. Her subjects range from dogs and farmyard animals to more exotic wild animals like Seals and Whales. Elaine’s work may appear whimsical, but hides meticulous research into the anatomy of her subjects and breathtaking technical skill. Not surprisingly, her work appears in national collections and in galleries internationally. 

Jo Taylor

Jo Taylor’s work revives the extravagant aesthetic of the Rococo period, when artists like Piranesi and Bernini stretched the formal rules of design until the decorative elements of an object almost eclipsed the primary structure. Jo’s vessels are artistic invention at its most exuberant and borrow historic and architectural motifs to create completely contemporary objects. Jo’s work is represented in galleries in London and New York. 

Jennie Gilbert

Jennie Gilbert specialises in traditional stoneware tableware, which follows a number of separate traditions: her domestic range has a French provincial character, while her signature Mishima range has roots in Japan and Korea. Jennie brings an elegance and style rarely seen in domestic pottery and is highly regarded for the precision and quality of her deceptively humble-looking pieces 

All pieces are available to buy or commission from the Talos Art Gallery as part of our Summer Exhibition.

We are open to public viewing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 5pm from 25 May until 21 July 2024. Plan your visit here


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