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Embracing the union of art and nature throughout the changing seasons.

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Talos Gallery & Gardens Open

25 MAY to 21 July 2024

Our annual open gallery showcasing contemporary bronze sculpture and mix media by internationally acclaimed artists will reopen for Public Viewing in 2024.  Here to challenge and inspire in equal measure we are excited to see many pieces for the exhibition already taking shape in our Talos Foundry.


This year we showcase the bold new collection of sculptures by gallery owner Richard Atkinson-Willes. Taking concepts without entity and creating forms is the theme for his metaverse and Orion series.

Fellow formalist and intelligent sculptor Philip Rae-Scott will be exhibiting his gravity defying work ahead of moving to a major London gallery. 

We are also thrilled to announce... A major installation by sculptor Adam Roud, his abstract collection will be filling the gallery and gardens with what promise to be monumental pieces.  And acclaimed painter Cindy Powell whose work champions global conservation issues, will be sharing some well known works as well as new pieces inspired by her beloved home country of Africa.



We designed and planted the garden at Talos from scratch and we’ve enjoyed nurturing and watching it grow into the oasis of colour and controlled chaos that gallery visitors love. We’re so proud of the results that we decided to have our garden’s portrait painted, and we asked Bath based artist Valerie Pirlot to come to the gallery during the summer to make a group of paintings celebrating our creation and the wonderful sculptures on display within it.

Valerie Pirlot - Gallery house and garden.jpg

"Painting makes me feel alive. Life goes fast, and we are only catching glimpses of it. This is what I try to depict with paint: an emotion, an impression, a moment, a feeling of light that will be gone in just a few minutes." — Valérie Pirlot


"I’m most inspired by landscape and nature with a particular focus on woodland. I build a drawing up with several layers of ink and water, adding and taking away before using a fine brush to draw in details.


I like the immediacy of pen and ink and the intimacy of working small which draws the viewer in.”

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Planning Your Visit

Planning your visit

Our passion is to make art accessible to as many people as possible and to experience it in a way that suits you.

If that's a guided tour, meeting the artist, seeing the foundry of being left to enjoy at your own pace. 

Enjoy the gallery and gardens at your leisure, we are here for questions or to respect your space.

Available to commission and buy

View our growing online gallery. See something you like, please do arrange a call or visit for a private viewing.

Will Montgomery
Ian Marlow

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Richard Atkinson - Willes


"We often need visualisation to make something that does not exist as an entity 'real' for us. Much like the 'metaverse' an  ever growing presence that can have so much influence over our lives whether we like it to or not.  To create as a visual 'thing' is to create a shared visual,  to talk about and find less out of our control. "



Visitor to Natural Elements 2022

"Come for the art and stay for the gardens — stunning location and backdrop for wonderful sculptures."


Talos Gallery is only one part of our story.  Richard established Talos Art Foundry in Andover,  Hampshire,  in 1998 for professional and amateur artists to cast, restore and repair bronze and silver sculptures.  With over seventy established sculptors coming to Talos Foundry it has gained a reputation for specialising in casting and patination and the Foundry's work is featured in public locations and private homes all over the globe.

See Judy Boyt's 'Golden Miller' and Phillip Blacker's 'Best Mate' at Cheltenham Festival.

Pictured here Caroline Wallace's 'Burmese' commission for Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee and now at Sandhurst Millitary Academy.

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Talos goes to the races

The racing season is well and truly back in business and we have been busy looking after some of the world's top thoroughbreds. From Golden Miller to Red Rum, Cheltenham to Newmarket there are many bronzes capturing landmark moments in racing history.

Whether a full restoration or annual clean and refresh it is an honour for our Talos Team to ensure these sculptures are looking their best.

RED RUM (pictured left with Talos Gallery & Foundry owner Richard Atkinson-Willes)

Fully restored Philip Blacker's Red Rum is resplendent at home in Aintree.


A legendary horse, it has been 51 years since Red Rum’s first National win in 1973, with 2 more Grand National wins jn 1974 and 1977 and placing second in ‘75 and ‘76 - an achievement never matched in the world’s most challenging race.

Maybe something you didn’t know but the sculptor of this magnificent piece, Philip Blacker, came third behind Red Rum riding Spanish Steps in 1973. He crafted this immortal sculpture of the racehorse in 1987 and it has stood at the site of Red Rum’s many triumphs ever since.

Talos Gallery is thrilled to have two of Philip Blacker’s recent bronzes in the garden for this year’s Summer Exhibition which opens from 25 May until 21 July 2024.


The fusion of art and nature...

So much sculpture finds its final home in a garden it seems almost like its natural habitat; whether it’s a small piece acting as a feature amongst planting, or a huge statement creating a grand vista in parkland, sculpture has been placed in landscapes small and large for millennia.

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Lupins in the Mediterranean Garden.jpg

All the senses are indulged in our gardens, planned and curated throughout the year to be on point for our Summer Exhibition. 

Particularly pleased with the colour of our lupins and aromatic roses which were captured brilliantly in our Gallery Garden series of paintings commissioned from artist Valérie Pirlot.


Missed out on last year's Summer Exhibition, see the artists and their work online here.


"At first glance my compositions may appear to be painted, however there is no paint involved. More than representative art, there is soul and an amplified sense of experience to be enjoyed."

Katy Rundle Artist.jpeg

Natural Elements 2022

Missed out on our Natural Elements exhibition, visit our online gallery and see some of the highlights. 

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